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Here's what our previous students are saying about our program...

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"The past nine weeks at North Idaho Dental Personnel have taught me so much. Not only has it taught me about the dental field, it has taught me about myself. For the first time ever, I am living on my own, I have a full time job, and I am now in this program. I have learned that I am able to sustain a work life balance while being in school. 

I loved the program. I really enjoyed how hands on Kandi and Brittany were with us students. I really enjoyed how easy it was to fit in class every week with my work schedule. The girls in the class were also so kind and helpful. Every day, it seemed like everyone came into class with a positive attitude." - Brynn C.

"Over the course we learned very important basics which I believe has tremendously helped me not only with my career in dentistry but in life in general. Overall being a dental assistant has started to become an important aspect of my identity. I have always wanted to be able to have a family friendly career and dental assisting is a great opportunity to implement my life goals. Some important takeaways I got from the class would obviously be how to be successful in dentistry. We have learned so much more than what the book has taught us. I have learned the importance of being happy and healthy with my work and home life. I have learned the importance of keeping me mentally and physically healthy. I really enjoy how family friendly the work environment can be and how you play an important role in a team. Through the program I have done some job shadowing hours and I realized how much I really do enjoy what the job entails. Being a dental assistant consists of being part of a team. With this you have lots of responsibility such as preparing and keeping instruments organized, it also consists of record keeping, cleaning disinfecting and sterilizing, and preparing treatment rooms. I believe that being a dental assistant is way more than that. I have found that being there emotionally for your patient is a very rewarding aspect of the job. It is really nice to have that personal connection with your patient. This class has created many opportunities for me and my future. With me still being in high school I was extremely grateful for this opportunity to be able to have a jump start on my career. Not only that, I have always been determined that college isn't for me and this was a great way to get some form of secondary education without the student loan debt.  I am beyond grateful that I was able to participate in this program to be able to get a jump start on my career and possibly open up many more opportunities." - Cazzity W.

"My experience through out the program with the teaching aspect of it has been amazing. Our primary teacher Mrs. Kandi has taught me everything I know about dentistry, I enjoyed participating and learning in class, and knowing that I have my teachers alongside me throughout my journey. Brittany was my other instructor, she not only taught us while at the labs, she is the one who made the whole program. I have enjoyed the program she has made for us that I want to get to learning dentistry faster and sooner... The teachers, classmates and hands-on experience was amazing. This was the start to my dental career and I would not have changed a thing. I'm glad I took this class and got to learn everything I did." Trinity P.

"Throughout my ten-week course at North Idaho Dental Personnel, I learned so much from my knowledgeable instructors. I had a great experience and gained a lot from this class. The classroom environment was excellent, and I felt very well understood and cheered on by my peers. I appreciated how detailed my instructor, Kandi, was and how much information she gave us outside the book. Kandi always ensured we understood the material by recognizing our various learning styles. Overall, I am so thrilled with my experience in this course. My instructors gave us so much more than what's in the books; they taught us hot to be great employees and flourish in our jobs. i gained so much experience with this program. Also, having help with my portfolio was so helpful and will benefit me for the rest of my career. Finally, I was impressed with how proactive my instructors were in helping find each student a place to intern and work." - Cierra I.

" I am so excited that I attended this class and am now a graduate with a new career ahead of me. The benefits of dental assisting include flexible hours, career advancement potential, a favorable work environment, good earning potential, and best of all, a short training period. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to start a fantastic career in under three months.." - Cierra I. 

" As much as I have learned about dental assisting, I have also learned that not every office is the same. That is why it was so beneficial for our instructors, Brittany and Kandi, to help us find job-shadowing opportunities. I also learned they knew a lot about the different offices in the North Idaho region! I was shocked when I applied for a job and asked them if they knew the office, and the answer was almost immediate as to whether that would be a good fit for me. Thanks to this course, I also learned how to put together a proper portfolio, which is something that I had never done before. However, I am extremely grateful that we did this in class because it actually helped me land a job!

While dental assisting is a career that offers on the job training, it is not a career that I would recommend going into without taking a class or course first. There is so much information that a person needs to know to go into this field; that's why I plan on recommending NIDP to anyone I know who is interested in going into this career field." - Payton S. 

"While in the classroom I was not only taught about being a dental assistant, but also hot to be the best employee possible. I received recommendations on the best and most professional way to handle different situations that may arise, not only in a dental office, but also in life. I feel that our teacher Kandi genuinely cares about our well-being and only hopes for the best for each and every one of us. She takes the time to not only teach information presented in the book, but also to make sure each of us understands and comprehends what she is teaching. She is very open and understanding about any and all questions that you may have. 

I can confidently say that I am fully capable of becoming a valuable employee in any dental office. There is a difference between teaching and being a coach and mentor... a difference between learning and understanding. North Idaho Dental Personnel is that difference and can surely be the difference in your life and dental career. Thank you to the entire team for all you do and for helping all of us learn and grow into our future selves." -Samantha W. 

"There are many perks to the class that North Idaho Dental Personnel provides to individuals who are wanting to enter the dental field. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to enter the dental field to take this class. My favorite perk to this class is that you are able to be in an office and have hands-on learning with all the procedures. During the ten weeks I have experienced a lot in the class and there wasn't one moment where I wasn't having fun and learning something intriguing.  This course has definitely prepared me with the knowledge to help me have a much better chance at thriving in an office and have a much larger base knowledge for more growth in my future endeavors. Without this course I would not be as prepared, knowledgeable and as driven to pursue the dental field." - Cynthia O. 

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