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When North Idaho Dental Personnel makes a referral to your practice, we have taken into consideration your requests, preferences and specific needs. We don’t blast out your request and hope someone responds.  At North Idaho Dental Personnel, we recruit dental professionals, meet with them personally, conduct a structured interview, assess their qualifications, employment goals, verify former employment, licensure and speak with references   –all before we make a referral to your practice.

Temporary Referrals 

Keeping or requesting your favorite temporary
Many employers regularly use temporary employees to avoid overstaffing.  When you find that perfect match with a North Idaho Dental Personnel professional, we will always try to keep that employee returning to your office.

How to request a specific professional
If the temp is working in your office and is able to confirm availability for your open days:

1. Call North Idaho Dental Personnel while you are both together.  Provide us with the days and hours and we will confirm while you are together, avoiding additional calls.  We need to speak to both parties to be assured that communication on all sides is accurate.

2. If the temp is not in your office, call NIDP and we will contact them directly.  If the temporary continues to work out well and you would like to hire that person on a permanent basis, contact us and we will help you work out the details.

Would it be easier and more efficient if I just called the temp directly myself?
No. Make North Idaho Dental Personnel your 1st call.  This avoids delays, double bookings, after hours requests and disappointment. To remain in compliance with your NIDP referral agreement, we need to be notified within 24 hours of any temporary returning to your office.  The advantage of working with us, is that we will do the work for you!

How far in advance should I request a temporary?
The moment you know you have an opening!

Permanent Referral

Job Profile
Your personnel coordinator will take a detailed profile for the position we will be recruiting for. During this initial consultation, we will discuss your vision, the candidate’s role with your team, anticipated experience level, skills, work environment and conditions unique to your business.


Accepting Candidates
After we have qualified a candidate as interested and eligible for your position, your personnel coordinator will phone to discuss their history, skills and goals. We want to refer only qualified candidates whose skill set, experience base, professional direction and salary expectations are within your negotiating range.

Confidentiality and Professionalism
We understand each employer is different and may have a pre-determined standard or policy for hiring employees. We offer flexibility in working with your practice. Occasionally an employer must make a hiring decision surrounded in confidentiality. We are skilled and experienced in these situations.

Interviews and working interviews
Some employers prefer to go with a working interview then follow up with a formal interview to discuss the employment opportunity with the candidate. Others, prefer to personally meet with a candidate prior to bringing them in for a working interview. At North Idaho Dental Personnel we view this as a personal or professional preference and have seen equal success with both practices.

Temporary to permanent
This option is a popular choice during uncertain economic environments, or when you are growing your practice. Many employers find success in using long term temporaries to avoid over staffing.


Personnel Request

Thanks for submitting! You will hear from us shortly!

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